How much out of sample testing is enough?

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  1. I would like some expert opinions to throw against a wall with my amateur opinion. Is optimization on 20 years of daily data followed by 2 years of out of sample data enough? If not how much is enough? 20%? 50%?

  2. 20 years? Useless. Most markets have a "memory" of maybe 5 years at most. Concern yourself with the last 8-10 years at most. Markets today are very different from 5 years ago. Would you take a Ferrari on a dirt race track and expect to win? Each market environment requires a different vehicle to participate in it.
  3. OK, even if I narrow to the last 5 years, what would you recommend for the out of sample period?

  4. I don't do "out of sample". If it makes money in testing, I trade it, period.

    I should add that I don't use daily data for more critical testing.

  5. Daily data is crap anyway, I wouldn't trust 100 years of backtesting.

  6. How much out of sample testing is enough?

    However much you need, to feel confident. Fill in the blank: If I tested _____ months out of sample, then started trading my system, then experienced big losses, I wouldn't blame my test procedures.
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    the amount of out of sample data should depend on how many times a year your method trades. try to get a lot of trades in your out of sample data to get a better feel if the idea is holding up.
  8. I don't have enough data to feel confident....ever. Then again on the other hand I've thrown away money on systems that tested well but stopped working the moment I started trading them....:eek:

    Someone recommended using 1/3 of data to build the system, 1/3 to optimize then 1/3 as out of sample. That's actually a pretty good measure.

    As for daily, I prefer intraday because it reacts much faster, but there's also a lot more noise which cancels out the some of the benefits of the faster action.

    I prefer to trade some systems on daily and others on intraday. ...

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    30 is supposed to be the least number of trials required to prove any degree of significance in statistical tests.

    so, i would use this number given the ever changing nature of markets. look at the last 30 potential trades.
  10. I like at least 100 trades with at least 25 coming from the out of sample group and going back at least 500 trading days. This is for intraday systems; can't speak for daily as I dont do that.

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