How much one can earn daily in intraday trading?

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  1. Is intra-day trading is high-risk trading ?
    what strategies may use to make profit ?
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    I can tell you are new. There are a million different combinations to answering that question. How much can you make a day trading intraday? I've seen a couple of days over $500,000. But ive also seen 70% of people try to make it, fail, and have to quit. An average (profitable) pro trader normally can average about $1-2k a day id say.

    What strategies? I've seen everything, order book scalping, spread trading, averaging, trend following, systematic, discretionary. I've seen people make and lose in all of them.

    As for high risk? I don't think its nearly as risky as opening a bricks and mortar business, getting a lease, hiring staff etc then nobody turns up.

    It takes years of practice finding out what works for you
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    Intra-day is ultra high risk. You can be whole this morning and broke tonight. Most new traders start with intra-day, some of them suggest to me that long-term trading is "not really trading", but most new traders go broke very soon.

    Don't trade to make a profit by the end of every day, this will fail.

    Start with a simple strategy. The strategy, including risk management input, multiplied by your account size, will tell you how much you can earn but even the best don't earn every day.
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    I see that you are eager to learn trading.

    Is it high risk? yes and no.

    If you ask a kidney surgeon to change patient's kidney, it is low risk.
    If you ask a non surgeon/doctor to change patient's kidney, it is super ultra high risk.

    If you know how to trade, it is low risk.
    If you don't know how to trade, it is high risk.
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  5. Thankyou
  6. Thankyou . From your example its easy to understand.
  7. Thankyou...if i start with a simple strategy,what are that strategy should be ?
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    I understand you want to get started but I don't want to recommend a particular strategy. First, I don't ever ever ever day-trade so who the hell am I to tell you what to do? Second, just get the outline of one from Google and write down the rules - then demo trade it for a week without changing anything - this will tell you what works for you and what you need to learn and understand better. Try another the next week. try a third. But make them simple. Make sure you have rules to cover money/risk management and exits before you have a rule for entries.
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    This is simply logically false. There is nothing "ultra high risk" about daytrading. In many ways it's actually safer. Imagine you had an overnight position in stocks on the long side and a catastrophe occurs, you have no way to exit. Sure, you can hedge everything but that's extra work and extra expenses.
    Newbies fail with daytrading due to position sizing and the fact that it offers the most adrenaline as the pace is fast. It has zero to do with it being riskier.
    Mathematically, all intraday moves form the longer term chart, so it cannot be riskier with the same position sizing.

    Try trend following to begin with, intraday but tiny positions. It has fewer pitfalls compared to mean reversion.
  10. All of trading (and maybe investing) is risky, period...don't kid, or delude, yourself on that.
    Even expert traders are nervous basically all the time when they put on a trade, until it's closed.

    New people, and/or young people, can easily be fooled and misled by maybe trader advertisements making you think the average Joe can make an instant money machine out of the market.

    I was just watching robot and engineering and drone and vr videos on kind of made me think of traders...trying to develop something that works and becomes useful and fruitful.

    You basically dictate how much you want to potentially make in the market.
    If everyone told you $100 or 500 can be made in the market daily...that's what you would generally believe and aim for. Until a $5,000 person comes along that says it can be made as well, and expands your mind of horizon.
    Round earth vs flat earth. The existence of Space. Most people are limited to what they see and read and learn. -- But usually there is a 4'th dimension of everything and beyond, so to speak.

    As for strategies...think more about your ability to predict and/or manage the future. Question it.
    If you stay in the market long day, things may become crystal clear for you...kind of like Neo in The Matrix.
    Looking at hindsight daily charts...all start to make sense.
    It's like looking at planet Earth...over the course of 1 revolution, 500 revolutions, 10,000 revolutions, 200,000 revolutions,
    Charts are like art...many different people will see and perceive things differently, and sometimes...the answer is staring at you in the face. As long as your eye and mind are perpetually open and neutral,

    Most traders think like an old-fashioned dumb rocket that only shoots straight forward; think like a high tech, modern rocket...that can move up and down and sideways when necessary depending on current conditions and a host of other dynamic variables.

    If all of this sounds scary and complicated and confusing and can always just start your own Trading Academy website, sell memberships and write books. :confused: o_O

    Imagine a NYC crowd. -- basically only one or two of them are true elite traders....and even then, that may be a stretch.
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