How much of your taxes go to waste on welfare cheats ?

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  1. A common theme of the right is this idea that they're paying large amounts of their taxes to support "parasites" and the "entitled class". They commonly have bumper stickers that say "Work have to support those welfare folks".

    I was wondering if any one of these people ever tried to figure out what percentage of their taxes are wasted on welfare cheats. I assume most of them think that the social safety-net is justified for the truly needy.

    Anyone want to take a guess? I have a figure in mind, but I'll withhold my guess so as not to turn this into a insult contest right away.
  2. How much is wasted on tax cheats? How many do an 'offer in compromise?' - cheating people are not limited to a single socio-economic group, IMO.

  3. Saving the insult contest for later eh... how transparent of you:D
  4. Much more is spent on the military industrial complex then welfare

    Our current deficit is do more to Bushs unfunded wars,Bushs unfunded tax cuts,Bushs unfunded medicare and Bushs unfunded government expansion then it is do to welfare
  5. Understand that I'm not advocating or condoning any of this behavior. Some people 'need' help, some just cheat on their taxes so they don't need help. And they are no better than those who receive aid, just a different mind set.

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    So because it's only a few hundred billion it's not worth worrying about huh?
  7. I think we should tackle the bigger problem such as the 700 + billion a year we give to the militarily industrial complex first

    Since Romney says he will increase militarily industrial complex spending we should start by not voting for him in 2012
  8. So no-one even wants to guess ? No-one has any idea? Come on !!
    Surely all you guys always complaining about how our socialist government is supporting all these leeches must know. It's one the rights major complaints! And we're traders so we should do be able to do some basic math, no? What percent of our federal budget is wasted on the welfare cheats?

  9. Yeah, we can have some fun with that later after the work is done. :D
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    So as not to alienate those welfare recipients that vote for democrats?
    IF he gets the nomination I'm voting for Romney anyway.

    I'd rather waste money we don't have on weapons we don't need than welfare we don't need.

    But then I've never been a sniffling bleeding heart either.
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