How Much Of A Rally?

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In The Next Two Weeks.......

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  1. All Index Markets will Assault The Old Highs

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  2. Only NDX Is New High Ready

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  3. New Highs, lol...We're In Crash Mode

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  1. Will anything other than NDX make a run for the high's between now and the rate cut on 10/30?
  2. Thank's for the sentiment tell!
  3. so..are you going long ?
  4. I'm very short. I'll be reeling 'em in tonight.....
  5. friday on the close would have been better :), the weekend was extremely nice in the northeast, and Monday is suppose to be especially sunny.

    you still have time. Look at the past couple weeks and the weather in the northeast and how it correlated.
  6. doublea


    I was expecting a sell-off to 1460 but looking at how the bonds are holding up, I think this is just a minor correction and we'll see 1620 before 1460. If we do not sell big (more than 1%) on Monday, I'm going long at the close.
  7. futs look to be holding up at the moment
  8. Surdo


    ES down 8.50 numbnuts!
  9. and another 3 with fair value ..
  10. I mean that they're not in freefall
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