How much more money will I lose shorting crude oil intraday?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Uncle_Ho, May 7, 2008.

  1. The short squeeze is on boys. Mark my words...this crude oil ralley will end violently, i.e. CBOT wheat. I see 4-5 dollar ranges when the downside comes.

    My question is, if I can't hit a nice down retracement intraday, and i'm not gonna short it after we gap $2.00 lower one of these days, is my only option to stay long term short at these levels with a tight stop?
  2. I'm with you...were do you see Oil heading?...back to $100, $ should try the Brent or mini crude oil...smaller than larger CL crude oil
  3. I don't think 'long term short' and 'tight stops' go together in CL at the moment. Maybe you meant 'long term short' with 'wide stops'.
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    IMO crude will only seriously top out once you get some crazy market event, a bit like what happened with wheat. I.e. some trader or firm getting shafted and taking a huge loss, with blowoff price action.
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    The CL market is very volatile and offers large movements (up and down) daily. You do not need to wait for what the short-term will produce in terms of price levels in the days ahead. A neutral mindset and concentration on operating an accurate methodology enables the skilled player to take rich rewards daily from this market's gyrations.
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    looking for pullback to 117,long put spreads,i'll lift the short leg when it breaks
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    Thanks Porgie!
  8. What about the ETF that shorts Crude? (SOIL)