How much money to deposit for new account?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bakre381, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. bakre381


    Hi all,
    Im want to start trade eminis (ES) only during daytime, and see if it is something for me...
    How much money should be a good starting point for trading 1 contract at a time? 5K? 10K? 15? or more?
    How much money did you guys invested when you initially started trading eminis?
  2. It very much depends on how large your risk per trade is. You should be able to digest 20 failed trades in a row. I'd say 10 to 15k minimum per contract. If you are a profitable trader, you just need to meet the margin requirements as profits will give you a solid cushion in no time. But since you sound new to futures, I'd start with a lot of cash, or avoid futures altogether if you do not have the necessary liquidity. Go with ETFs or CFDs.
  3. Why not 30?

    Okay, so you want to start trading the e-mini and see if it is something for you. That can be done on the simulator with no money risked.

    If you still want to be a masochist, deposit $5000 or less and see how quickly you will lose it :)

    Assuming a sound methodology, I would recommend at least $5000 (which allows you to hold trades overnight), but preferrably at least $10 000 per contract.

    The problem with you depositing $10 000 or more per contract is that you are likely to lose that as well.

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  4. $5000

    Sim trading sucks and is in no way related in any way to real live trading.
  5. bakre381


    thanks guys.
    im actually experienced stocks trader, so i'll give it a shot with 10K before i risk more capital
  6. hitnrun


    sounds like your a experienced trader trading a new instument. You should trade only 1 contract with a 5k account. always use stops with your trade . take it slow & see if futures fit your personality. gl