how much money is there in the world

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  1. if you were to take all the money in the world (adjusting all currencies into just one) and equally divide it among all human beings on the planet (rough human population estimate), how much would each person get?

    anyone have a rough idea
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    You think the oil men make the most money??!!! ROTFLMAO!! :D

    Look around! Why do you think Banks have the biggest buildings?!

    Kid, its the bankers of these oil men who make the real money. You ever heard of Fractional Reserve Banking?!

    Based on the reserve requirements, banks can make serious cash.

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by" /></a>

    The above is very simplistic, there's much more that goes into the calculation. Default rates, variable interest rates etc. But you get the idea on who makes the real dough. :D
  3. why i'm asking this..

    i'd say i'm mostly libertarian, but my growing belief in determinism probably has to change some of my beliefs somewhat. i'm trying to figure out what my opinion should be based on my current beliefs, which include:

    -the universe is deterministic
    -the idea that everyone can achieve "the american dream" is false. it is physically not possible. there is not enough money in the world for everyone to be a bill gates. there can only be so many tom cruises, even if 100 copies of them were to work equally as hard.
    -rich people may work harder than a "lazy" person, but both being a hard worker, and being lazy, are both due to determinism. so neither should be praised or bashed.

    one of my most important beliefs that is now growing, is that i think our politics should operate according to how the universe is ACTUALLY OPERATING, instead of how we WOULD LIKE TO THINK it is operating.

    for example, i think libertarianism sounds very good, and in many ways it probably is. but if determinism is true, i do think money should be at least partly redistributed. it's nice to think that those working the hardest get rewarded most, but this is flat out not how it always is.

    i'm trying to figure out what is best for all humans, if determinism is true, regardless if i personally LIKE what the answer is..
  4. You're all over the map questioning money, cash, assets, philosophy and politics.

    Figure out your question and the answer is easy.

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    not enough because i want more than i need i'm a real HOSSA
  6. here's some other interesting things..

    often i hear things like how the USA's growth is at the expense of other poorer countries.

    well i do believe that is true.

    however, if we tried to make things equal, i'm sure there would be countries in the world that would then take advantage of that situation (and us). say some muslim country wants to prosper and then have us all worship allah. us spreading "christian freedom and democracy" is probably just as threatening to them though.

    i don't think things could ever really be equalized unless maybe we were all living in one country. that's what we all should really be--EARTHLINGS. for now there's too much "us vs them" "we're right, you're wrong" "the country i happen to live in is right and never wrong" and battles of fake gods going on..

    all that plus all these stupid brainwashed people voting and electing more's no surprise the world is a mess..
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    Well what you're for is a Benign dictatorship in a one world govt.

    Don't worry, you'll get that sooner than you expect. It's been in the works since Nero and the final pieces are being put together as we speak.
  8. The Banks own everything...
  9. and i own GS shares... omg i hadn't realized... i own everything of everything then :p :p :p
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    I'd wait a few more years, and do some more "philosophizing", before you think up a tattoo for your face that symbolizes your new found enlightenment.
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