How much money is circulating in the world? (measured in dollars)

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  1. Well as the title says, how much money is there circulating?

    Note that this is different than- how much money is there in the world (and if you know the answer, do tell- in my research it appears to be around 40-60T USD worth),

    -and as far as the value of everything in the world, I've seen that to be around 600T-1200T
  2. achilles28


    Total credit market debt (total value of USD in circulation, paper and digital) is roughly 60 T, last time i checked.
  3. World GDP is $79 Trillion(as of 2011). Rate of the Velocity of money is about 1.65. $79t/1.65 = about $48 trillion circulating in the world.

    This means the average person is spending about $11,285 every year. If you are spending more than this, you are taking more than your "fair share" (now don't you feel like a greedy bastard?)
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    The Fed/Treasury really have no idea how many US dollars there are, let alone the rest. And why you may ask ?
    Well the easiest major currency to copy is the US dollar. The back street printers are churning them out at ...well as fast as they can. The printing technology has left the USA far behind for some reason.
  5. What are you talking about? What do you mean they have no idea how uch US dollars out there? There is somthing called M1, isn't it?