How much money FROM TRADING do you need to make you happy?

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How much moola do you need to make FROM TRADINg to make you happy?

  1. <$40K/yr

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  2. $40K-$60K/yr

    11 vote(s)
  3. $60K-$100K/yr

    16 vote(s)
  4. $100K-$200K/yr

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  1. How much money FROM TRADING do you need to make you happy?
  2. $4k per month on top of my regular job.
  3. There is a category missing: >$200k/yr
  4. Yeah those numbers are all very low.

    If I hit 6 figures I'm happy, though I'd very much like to make several hundred thousand.
  5. About $30.
  6. If anyone is happy with your first three categories, they definitely shouldn't be trading. You can easily hit those numbers at a regular job. I beleive most people trade because they want the chance at the tremondous upside trading offers, much like an entrepreneur. Chances that they will fail are high, but if they are successful they could be more successful they anyone else they know.

  7. rosy2


    right. why would people be in the industry for less than 200k
  8. Some people might be comfortable trading a certain size. Larger size might pyschologically mess up their trading. Besides. $100-$200k is more money than I'd need to live on.

  9. I had more money when I was 18, making $4.00 an hour, without a care in the world. :)
    Money is not everything.
  10. Coolweb, THIS is a huge reason why you are unsuccessful...thinking too much about the money and what you would need to make you happy.

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