How much longer can Ben pump the markets with POMOs?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Eliot Hosewater, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I don't even recall if the Fed announced a long term schedule.

    Or will they stop just before the election or just long enough to crash the market a little bit to gain support for QEII?
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    QE II===wall street welfare

    billionaires like gates, jobs,bin, buffet,soros etc etc don't need the welfare checks.

    all that money printed just goes to buy gold and oil etc. and stocks..

    obama is the best thing that ever happened to wall street.

  3. Why not just put QE in everyone's Cereal Boxes?

    Or microwaveable QE... Walmart could sell them like hotcakes and prop up GDP.

    And treehuggers could get 100% recyclable QE, made from recycled paper.

    Instead of IOU's California could get ser<b>IOU</b>s!
  4. I think all you guys are missing the bigger picture.
    QE2 or whatever is a way for the Fed to pressure the ECB into some cooperative action vs the Asians - China, Japan, and South Korea principally.
    Recall that in the ECB we have Jean Claude Trichet, a man so thick in skull that he was still raising rates in July of '08, long after it was obvious we were in the middle of some very deep fecal material.
    As of now, the euro is rallying and the dollar is cratering. The yuan is tied to the dollar, which means, mirabile dictu, so is the yuan vs the euro. The pound is too, because the UK central bankers do, in fact, have a brain, unlike Trichet.
    This is putting the squeeze on the Germans. Sooner or later the German business community is going to start putting the squeeze on their governmental authorities, who will in turn tell Trichet to jump. Trichet will then ask how high. Or low, as the case may be. When that happens, we will finally, finally, have a united front vs Asia.
    Either we all hang together, or we will hang Europe separately, and prosper among ourselves. Europe's choice.
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    Bingo. From what I've heard, POMO is scheduled until November. Just like mining regulations and other things the markets and voters won't like.

    Of course, they may find some excuse to revive it later.
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    Maybe, maybe not, but they're perfectly willing to sacrifice the Dollar and cause serious inflation down the road. Short-term thinking at its worst.
  7. That's Trichet's line. He'll find out, soon enough. As will you.
  8. I see no small coincidence that they scheduled POMO until the mid-term elections...

  9. I though the tail end of 2007 with the dollar plunging, oil skying and this non-stop POMO shit was bad, but this easily takes the cake. It's literally a neverending quest to fubar things beyond recognition. All of it to fight this "deflation" bogeyman that would, in reality, make us a far more competitive economy (i.e. reduce the cost of living, the cost to employ, the cost to educate).
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    QE is not for everyone if its for everyone then there's no point to QE then everyone ends up no better nor worse off, QE only benefits the companies that the newly minted notes are given too, that is banks, insurances, GM, and holders of stocks and toxic assets => the more stocks you holder the better off you are after QE => the most wealthy are prime beneficiaries, the poor prime losers, the average also losers
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