How much is your YTD commission?

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How much is your YTD commission?

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  1. Less than $500

    9 vote(s)
  2. Between $500 to $1000

    7 vote(s)
  3. Between $1000 to $2000

    8 vote(s)
  4. Between $2000 to $5000

    7 vote(s)
  5. Over $5000

    34 vote(s)
  1. This includes all your accounts and also includes commission on Future, stock, option, bond, mutual fund, ETF, currency
  2. Please vote.
  3. I'm at 22,000$ this year, and that is just in one account... I think Etrade loves me

    and btw the other is about the same size...

  4. Wow impressive. You have also made a good gain. IRS also loves you :)
  5. Please vote. We need at least 100 voters to have a meaningful poll. Thanks
  6. lescor


    Your numbers in the poll are way too low for even a part time day trader. $5,000 a month in commissions for a full time trader is not that much.
  7. I am a semi active daytrader and I trade options and my YTD commision is about $2000. You will be surprised to know that I meant $5000 YTD and not for a month as you said. I did not want to expand the poll options to increase the resolution. Definitely I agree with you but there was not much that I could do.
  8. equity options swing trader

    $1319.79 comm and clearing @ .75 per contract YTD
  9. F112358


    Minus $5,000,000
  10. Lescor is right. $5k/month is nothing... $5k for 4 months into the year means barely making any moves. Not sure what my YTD comm is but probably don't want to know :).
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