How much is your life worth?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Babak, Nov 4, 2002.

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  2. What a bunch of savages...
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    I love how some idiot in their mock "government" wants equal blood-money for women.

    "Paying half blood money to...women citizens does harm Iran's international image," said Elaheh Koulaee, MP

  4. do we need more reasons why we should bomb the hell out of them all?
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    I can just imagine Charlton Heston and a few NRA buddies hopping on a LearJet and landing in Tehran with a handful of green back. :D

    Can you imagine?

    What they are describing is a society where you could kill in cold blood, and as long as you had the necessary "blood money" with which to pay the relatives of the dead, you would be scot free.

    The "moderates" want equal application of the law, irrespective of sex and religious belief. With moderates like that, who needs "extremists"?!

    And don't think that this is restricted to the IRI. It applies in more countries than you would like to imagine.

    I can just imagine the Tourism Posters:

    Open Season all year round!! (bring your own cash)

    [Don't mean to offend anyone with the jokes. I guess I'm trying to joke about this because otherwise I would just breakdown and cry about what they have done to my homeland]
  6. The article did not say that the killer would go scot-free, just that he would not be executed. It is not clear that the payment would provide total absolution.

    In any event, they are a bunch of tribal primitives.
  7. "Under Islamic law, the compensation for a non-Muslim man is one-twelfth that paid for a Muslim. The rate for Muslim women is half that of men."

    "But the authorities have also set a cash equivalent of 150 million rials ($18,750) to simplify matters."

    these people are absolute fucking morons..i'm sorry.
  8. where'd they get $18750 from? what a rip off! in the good old days i could've gotten 200 cows or a thousand sheep - that's a lot more than 18k's worth!
  9. We should all seriously stop and be thankful that we enjoy what we have here in the United States, Europe and Asia. Imagine being born in a big dessert and having to put up with tribal warlords raping your wife while you scour for food to feed your family.

    Television doesn't do justice for just how bad it is over there. You are talking about some of the darkest, saddest most depressing aspects of humanity.