How much is your annual Yield and how much do you make per hour (your own money)

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  1. This thread is not for money managers or people trading OPM...Retail Traders only.

    Please indicate the market (s) you trade and be honest with your labor figures after expenses. Your yield is very important to list also.

    The labor includes your research and preperation less your expenses but not you time spent in this forum, unless you consider this integral to your daily trading and not just entertainment.

    Michael B.
  2. And if one of you wisearses asks me if I am writing a book...yes I am...
  3. very interesting topic. Unfortunately, I don't think you will be able to obtain a large enough sample size for any real measure from this board. Unless you are including non-profitable traders.

    Perhaps you would be better off finding avg. # of hours committed each week and look for a correlation (and strength of) to profitablility. I would be interested in knowing how much of the majority of people who lose money are also those that spend the least amount of time at it. Also maybe the avg. # of hrs. that must be spent to "be a breakeven trader" from such statistics.

    I don't have any stats for you though :p Still in learning mode and part it is slower with a lot more research with not much effort towards profitability yet.

  4. Thanks RunTrade..I am mainly gathering information currently from ET traders with a yield. (naturally, according to this website, all material is the property of ET)

    Your advice is well received and I have enough material to write a hard back reference book larger than a websters...(it seems that publishers do not want thick books anymore, no matter how well they are written)

    Michael B.

  5. Electric,

    Why don't you start with giving us YOUR figures?
  6. Who's your market target?
  7. Lets not make this thread about me...I have plastered my results ad nauseum all over ET...

    My target audience is the Retail Trader in his living room...
  8. Surdo




    I will bite, I average 40% a year on my futures trading account over the past 5 years.
  9. So this year you will make $800 on the 2000 ?
  10. I'm a successful trader. But, I trade from my business office and also in my home office. Does that still qualify?
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