How much is TT Feed filtered compared to Zenfire?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GiantDog, Aug 1, 2010.

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    If using NinjaTrader as your software, how much of the data is filtered using TT feed compared to Zenfire? I guess this would affect tick charts but what about volume charts?
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    It's not like say, 1 tick (IB) for every 3 ticks (Zenfire) type of data compression is it? :confused:
  3. Are you talking about TT Fix w/NT vs. Zenfire w/NT?
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    it does not affect Volume charts.
    I know it from IB, they accumulate the volume and send it with the next tick they send. I personaly use Volume charts with IB on Ensign for ES and EUR
  5. I do the same, no problems with IB and volume charts. Tick charts are a problem with IB.

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    Yes I am.
  7. It's my understanding that the TT Fix used with NT 'compresses' (feed 'coalesced') the data in order work properly.
  8. If I understood correctly, each broker has their own setting for coalescing. Bernard was good enough to urge me to check with my broker, as I originally thought mine wasn't doing anything, but in fact they are also.
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    I kind of figured that but wasn't really sure.
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    I have kind of understood this too but wasn't totally sure about it.

    Thanks for the answers everybody.
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