How much is the going rate for someone to build a computer?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fxp125, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. fxp125


    I am going to order all of the parts, I just need someone to put it together. I have a buddy who works for a big company and can get the parts for much cheaper. So how much should I pay for a tech guy to build it? I know a a few of you guys do this for people. Anyone in the Nyc area can get some business too. Thanks for the help
  2. gnome


    Unless you're a techno-geek, no real benefit from having one built.

    Suggest you buy a Dell when they have a special deal... saves time, aggravation, and a bit of dough.
  3. Agreed Gnome. I am loving my new Dell for approx $460 with AMD dual core. I am testing CPU RM clock and it's fast and quiet.

    I would just like to know how to do it. I was amazed how quick the mobo came in and out when the Dell contracted tech replaced it.
  4. gnome


    Even so, hardly worth it. If you have one built, you not only have to pay the labor, but each individual part has its own warranty protocol... pain in the neck for all trouble issues. Besides, you won't save any money, so why bother??
  5. I built one last year with this guy's help. It works well, but prolly not any better than one you buy retail.

    And I didn't save any money doing it myself, BTW.
  6. Oh I agree. I would just like to know how to pull it apart and replace stuff if I need to. I can do video cards and memory, but haven't done at HD or MOBO yet, and hopefully won't have to soon. :D
  7. maxpi


    If I bought a Dell I would toss the OS disk it came with, get a full install disc from ebay and wipe it clean and start over. I tried to work with a Dell install disk on a Dell computer and a VPR matix disc on a computer from Best Buy, went nuts both times, bought OS disc, problem solved.

    If I did not buy a Dell I would not be looking to save money by bundling a machine, I would be looking to get exactly the parts I wanted, assuming I could not get same from Dell.
  8. fxp125


    Ok, well it seems that this may not be the best way to go. I do not want a dell. I had two of them and they both were terrible; both towards the top of the line at the time and garbage. I am not looking to get into a fight about dell if they work for you enjoy them. Im looking to spend around $1200 and thought having one built was a good choice. I guess I'll look into some others.
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    The main reason I was going to have one built is I can get any motherboard and any processor for half off through a friend. Knowing that does that change anything?
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