How much is Metastock Pro 7.2 real time?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by michal, Oct 26, 2001.

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    Equis sais on its pages that Metastock 7.2 pro real time for e-signal costs 1495$.

    I called a metastock dealer in my country and he said that Metastock charges this 1495$ per year. Is it true? I thought it is one payment only.

    So what is the payment for it??
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    one payment only...... you then own it....the pay per year b/s is advancedget realtime
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    you can get it on ebay for around $300-400, sometimes unregistered. i was considering this. i know a guy who wants $330 including shipping for RT v7.03, i believe. send me a private message with your e mail and i'll forward it to him for you.
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    MetaStock 7.2 (regular and professional versions) was released recently. If you currently own MetaStock (7.02), then you can upgrade to 7.2 Professional for $899. There are 2 versions of MetaStock Pro - an eSignal version, and a version. The version has the same montly data feed cost ($99/month), but is unlimited in the number of symbols you can use. eSignal limits you to 50 symbols.

    MetaStock can also page or e-mail you when certain events occur. And, if you're like me, your digital cells phone has an e-mail address - a perfect setup!

    I don't own MetaStock pro yet, but have used the regular version for a couple of years. Anyone out here using the Pro version?

  5. I have MSPro 7.2 with eSignal: works like a charm for charting and playing around. Excellent integration with eSignal. You can dynamically load data off of eSignal servers. System tester very limited, programming language very limited; but a great tool for trying out new ideas fast.

    It's a resource hog in real-time, and I do not use it for actual live trading.

    If I were to start over, I would choose Wealth-lab due to the much better programming facilities.
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    You noted that you do not use MetaStock Pro for active trading. I have been considering using this as my real-time system to identify potential buying/selling opportunities, and then entering those trades with IB or LaSalle or something like that. I'm trading e-mini index futures, by the way.

    Can you tell me why you don't use MetaStock Pro for active trading? I haven't made the upgrade to Pro and am wondering if I should.


  7. I really don't want this to turn into metastock bashing, but here are the reasons why I don't use MS Pro for real-time trading

    1. Cannot run systems in real-time. You have to break out the signals, attach them to whatever you are trading. If for instance your entry is mov(c,5,s) > mov(c,20,s) [5 bar simple moving average higher than 20 bar SMA] you would get alerted all the time, not just when the condition first happened. I know I can code around this, but it is just irritating that I cannot simply run a system in real-time automatically and continuously

    2. Alerts [the proxy for systems, per above] has to be attached to an open chart to work. This in effect means that you have to open a chart of everything you trade. I trade about 40 stocks, and simply cannot have 40 charts open

    3. Performance is terrible with more than a few charts open. My computer comes to a grinding halt if I have more than 5 charts open with indicators and Alerts running in real-time. Combined with 2 that is a real issue

    4. System tester is very simple. Here are some of the limitations
    * no ability to enter and exit on programmable STOPs and LIMITS. There are provisions for simple trailing point or percent stops and profit targets (again points or percent), but nothing programmable such as an ATR
    * No way to access the price at which the system entered a position
    * no control flow at all. Think of the language as large macros

    The strong points:
    * excellent integration with esignal
    * great charting
    * great if you want to play with ideas. Fast and easy

    I hope the above helps you making a decision. You can always take Equis up on the 30 days money back guarantee and just decide for yourself.
  8. Tahoe,
    I use Metastock Pro realtime for trading the NQ. I am using eSignal as the data supplier for the emini, NQ and have an Expert attached to a chart of the 1 minute NQ which generates buy/sell signals. I use IB to enter orders. Works fine. Yes, you can enter the code to only give one buy/one sell or all followup buys/sells in the expert. The expert is coded from the system tester function. It may be limited compared to other software, but I have a complex system and it is able to handle it well. For multiple securities, I can see it might be a problem to have an expert attached and calculating for each.
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    I have used the end-of-day version of MetaStock for a couple of years, and I think you can do some of the things you're looking for. I'll comment on each of your topics.

    1. Running systems in real-time. Although I don't have the Pro version, I'm pretty sure you can do this. Instead of using your demo of mov(c,5,s)>mov(c,20,s), doing this: cross(mov(c,5,s),mov(c,20,s)). Then you will ONLY be alerted when the 5 period actually crosses over the 20 period simple moving averages, NOT whenever the 5 is greater than the 20, like your sample.

    2. You're correct on the alerts, but I won't be trading anything other than the e-mini nasdaq 100 index future, so that's not too big of an issue for me.

    3. I've heard others complain that MetaStock is a resource hog. That's really too bad. I've seen huge improvements when I upgraded from a PII500 to my Athlon 1.2 GHz. Also, the cable modem made a great difference for downloading data.

    4. Accessing the price when entering a system test. You can do this. After running your system, take a look at the system report. Select the "Trades" tab. Now pick the trade you're interested in and select "Inspect" at the right. I think this is what you're looking for, but I could be wrong.

    Thanks for taking the effort to respond to my previous message.

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    I currently own the regular version of MetaStock (7.02). I can upgrade to 7.20 Professional. The eSignal version upgrade is $999 and the version upgrade is $899. While the functionality is the same, it is actually different software. I'm focussing on the e-mini NQ. I'm trying to figure out which one to go with. The version has no limitations on signals and has a large amount of historic 1 hour data. The eSignal version is limited to 50 symbols. I know eSignal is well known, but was wondering if I should save the $100 and go with the version. Also, both data feeds are the same monthly price ($99).

    I look forward to your advice. You seem to be doing exactly what I want to do: Trade with Interactive Brokers and use MetaStock Pro w/ a live data feed to make trading decisions. Do you know what the minimum deposit into the IB account is, for trading e-mini index futures? I think it's $2K, but not sure. I wanted to start with $4 or $5K. I see there rates are $3.95 each way on the e-mini indexes, which seems great. Oh, one last thing. Do you ever use the e-mail or paging functions of MetaStock Pro? My cell phone has an e-mail address that I could have the system page me with so I could execute trades at work, without watching the screen all day long. I've tested the e-mail timing w/ my cell phone and I get the message in about 4 seconds - not bad!

    Thanks for the help!

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