How much is 'Enough' ?

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    Is it fair that high net worth individuals pay far more in taxes than they will ever use in future services?

    Why not cap a citizens lifetime tax liability? So after a threshold amount is paid, that individual is waived from owing any future taxes?

    What dollar amount would be fair? 10 Million? 20 Million?

    On a per capita basis, each American 'consumes' 12,000 dollars in federal services, per year, every year (federal budget / population).

    That implies over ones lifetime (~85 years), the average American will have incurred ~1 million dollar in Federal services.

    10 or 20 times that amount should satisfy even the staunchest collectivist, ya?

    I realize this is all pie-in-the-sky, but an interesting topic.

    For the life of me, I can't understand how insane our system is.
  2. Imo, the way the Fed views this is they (Fed) provided the oppotunities for you hence because you did a swell job of utlitizing the opportunities you owe us.

    Ditto on the death tax, you won't be needing the money anymore, it's ours. Yes the fruits of your labor are the result of the Fed giving you the opportunity.
  3. What's not to understand?

    1. Parasitic tit-suckers always want more and more.. and for someone else to pay for what they get.

    2. Politicians pander to those selfish wants to secure power in office.

    It's all greedy, sick, recipe for ultimate collapse.... as history has shown over and over again.

    Lots of people think it's the rich who are greedy... I guess because they want to KEEP THE PROPERTY WHICH THEY HAVE EARNED.

    In truth, it's the tit-sucking parasites who are the greedy... always wanting something for nothing.. that and the politicos who greedily covet power by giving it to them.

    :mad: :mad:
  4. On a per capita basis, each American 'consumes' 12,000 dollars in federal services, per year, every year

    There are schools of thought that many of the services the Fed provides and are not adequately compensated for, such as roads.
  5. Roads are supposedly paid for by "use".. that is, fuel taxes. Except, of course, when politicos siphon-off road taxes for other pet causes.
  6. Achilles,

    Good points.

    However, you'r thinking from a logical frame work. As I'm sure you know, humans do not think that way at first. This is why the Propaganda machine works so well. Logic is the last thing to pop into the Majorities minds. People think with emotion first.

    Since the 60s...the Liberals, (Scum bag left) have been able to hijack the poor and the minorities. They have built up philosophies based on emotions and not logic. Hence the poor population is all ways poor and now, more middle class are joining the poverty ranks, not matter how much money is thrown their way. The Republicans have created a Corporate Welfare state as well.

    The only way this country will prevent it's implosion for most of the population is to change their pre-programmed emotional brain washing.

    This is a NANNY STATE. People do not see Capitalism, they see a few idiots like BUFFET speaking out of his ass and Fucking Crook Bankers rip'n them off. So, now the propaganda machine is in full force and Class Warfare is on.

    So, while your TAX ideas seem logical they will not be impractical in FREE LOADING society.

    The truth hurts but FREE LOADING society is what we are and it is only growing.
  7. Progressive taxes is not a problem when government does what it is suppose to do, police, courts and army, the poor does not need to worry someone will steal what they do not have or fear someone will invade a country they own nothing in.
  8. Compared to whom? Compared to Europe, the USA is considered very capitalist and ultra right wing
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    All valid points.

    The entitlement culture really drives progressive income taxation.

    In my small mind, it would seem very fair to cap taxes at 10 or 20 Million.

    If GE and Exxon can get away with paying literally peanuts, why shouldn't a HNW individual?

    I think the notion of private property and who owns legitimate claim to it, is merely an afterthought to Socialists.

    Their primary driver is a laundry list of "human rights" (ever growing) they claim entitled to (education, healthcare, foodstamps, housing, welfare etc). Legality aside, who pays and the morality behind the means to which that's financed, is really not of their concern.

    I'm not suggesting granny get the boot. Rather, that society redefines individual responsibility and gives the poor a bit more incentive to *not fail*, as opposed to our current system that rewards it.

    Whatever happened to 'tough love' and 'reap what you sow'?

    I recognize this is all academic. And for that reason, I am firmly convinced America will go the way of Greece and Iceland, shortly. Nobody is willing to take the medicine. A nation of parasites - both Corporate and individual, alike.

    “Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.” – Benjamin Franklin
  10. Who is it that considers America "ultra right wing"?

    With our HUGE population of parasitic tit-suckers, we're damn near COMMUNIST already.
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