How much is a client worth?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradersboredom, Jan 14, 2009.

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    client has $50,000 cash to invest/trade in the market?

    Who want the client?

    I'm looking for offers from professional traders for this client?

    Is there a market for client accounts for which traders trade themselves?

    deal is 50% split of all profit from account between trader and client. I expect 100% return on initial capital within one year.

    any professional trader looking for clients? i don't want to trade accounts of friends or family for two reasons.

    1. it becomes personal and business and personal life don't mix well.

    2. you cannot hang up on them when they call.

    this is the only profession which professionals don't advertise their service cause there are so few independent professional traders trading individual private accounts.
  2. Sorry, my hedge fund only returns 99% per year, not 100% per year.
  3. Sorry, I only promise 100% annual returns for clients with $10 million or more to invest. Don't have the time to waste on pikers with $50K crumbs.
  4. Dustin


    This industry provides all the leverage a trader could need...why bother with a client that you would have to split profits with?
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    margins in futures has gone up and brokerse liquidate positions without warning.


    if you go to a bank and ask for loan to trade stocks as a business , they won't lend it to you. okay.

    and you need a min. of $10,000 CASH to open an account.

  6. Dustin


    Ten thousand dollars...Oh my god!

    I'll restate this. Anyone retail-prop equity trader who is profitable and knows what they are doing can get as much leverage as they need.
  7. jtnet


    i 2nd that.

    even if u had just 2grand to throw down and they knew u could make money and were not a newb, u could get pretty much any leverage
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    who is they.

    they is who?

    they is more likely a firm or hedge fund's money or some prop firm

    i don't trust these prop firms not SIPC insured with 10:1 margins asking you to deposit money into their bank account and trade.

    as for retail brokers

    max. margin is 4:1
    overnight is 2:1

  9. This deal isn't worth the time it takes to post it.

    Anybody who can produce those results can get their own money together and do it.

    Anybody who can't produce those results ... can't. :D
  10. Dustin


    It's just like trading...risk vs. reward. You sweep your account every 2-4 weeks and take on some risk. Your reward is full leverage, often much higher than 10:1.
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