How much is $100 Million (CAD)?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lightningsmurf, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. I read in the news today that Canada (my home and native land) has pledged $100 million in aid to Iraq. Normally a pledge of aid wouldn't bother me in the least - wealthy countries have at least a modicum of responsibility to help less fortunate countries in their times of need.

    However, given that Canada withheld active support for America's invasion of Iraq, I'm wondering whether it is appropriate for Canada to assist the States with the repair bill? I'm also wondering how much $100 million Canadian Pesos represents to our economy? Is it a large/small/moderate contribution?

    Canada is not alone in this situation. Japan is currently debating how much to contribute to the aid effort. In Japan's case the PM voiced support for the States from day one. So a financial contribution shouldn't come as a surprise, nor should the country be especially stingy.

    What about France, Germany? These are wealthy nations that (presumably??) send foreign aid donations on a regular basis. They were, however, rather vocal about their opposition to the US invasion. Should they have to financially prop up the US economy by making direct aid donations to Iraq?

    I'm wondering how people feel about aid responsibilities in relation to the current geo-political situation? This could easily turn into a "the war is evil" , "we liberated Iraq" type thread. I think this message board has plenty of those threads already and don't think that we really need another. Please stay on topic.