how much has jesse really made....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trading2002, May 29, 2003.

  1. ...over the last 7 yrs
  2. i've been called a wimp and a loser. ouch.

    I guess i'm just a loser with an audited track record of +689% from 1996-2001 with a 7 figure account.

    Listen 2002, it will be impossible to ever agree on what the "top 1%" made during that time. If it works in my favor, you'll complain we left out this and those, and these. It will NEVER work. The answer to how much % the top 1% made is NOT CLEAR-CUT.

    But I will follow the advice of my friend elcubano.

    He says, "This is what the bet should be.....That you have or havent made 689% over a six year period with a seven figure account...this alone is a great doesnt matter what other traders have done or if you are in the top 1%......the problem is we wont know if they are really your records or if they are real to begin with."

    This sounds fair to me, and easy to prove. I just produce the audit.

    Now how much do you want to bet on this? Caution, it needs to be worth my while, at least $25,000 that I'm telling the truth, or not.