How much futures brokers make?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimclark, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. I wonder what is a typical compensation structure for futures brokers. This is with a typical very small self-directed type of brokerage that has its own trading platform. Commissions range from $3-5 it's cheap.

    I am just trying to understand what is the industry standard. I know it's commission + incentive and some might even offer small salary with this company.

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    I know we all bitch about commissions, but I really believe if commissions were 0 –the same great % of people would lose.

    Commissions seem to be a big factor on u winners out their…

    My guess is .30-.50 per contract Jim
  3. yes, commissions are lazer thin.
  4. Not sure we understand the question.
    If you are talking about brokers on the phone that you call and they execute the trade it's about 50 cents per contrat to the bro and 50 cents to the firm. For what i know. I'm talking institutional trading when clients trade in 100 contracts clips or so.
  5. My best month as a futures broker was in December 1999.
    I made 60K.
  6. Cannot remember the last serious conversation with a true futures broker, unless you count the help desk/support. Most traders place
    their own trades via software/browser, unless they are newbies.

    Does anyone seriously phone in their orders to a live person any more?
  7. Maybe I did not state is clearer...I did not mean phone are right nobody calls their borker to place orders especially pople on this board. I mean brokers who "manage" your account, "your" broker. For example if you have an account with TransaAct/Infinity you have a broker assigned, if you have a Global futures account you have a broker assigned. These are the kind of brokers I am talking about...