How much full time proprietary traders earn?

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  1. Do you know anyone who has made a full time living trading/investing in stocks? I have not nor have been able to do that myself. Or how much full time proprietary traders earn? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. at the moment i know one way, how to earn in short period of time,but i will not spam it here. this job is a tough one.
    With tough one i mean-my boss earns 10k $ per 7 days, but he also works 16-18 hours a day
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    of more than 500 prop traders i know, 98% loses while the 2% are successful.

    the losers average -$25K minimum annual income

    the winners average $200K minimum annual income

    They just lose!
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    The next question will be, will do these losers get their money?

  5. You don't know over 500 prop traders, who do you think you are fooling?

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    But, it doesn't matter if they are losers, they are being replaced by HFT traders (Programmers).

    flushed out those traditional prop traders whether they are successful or not and bring in the NEXT GENERATION of traders (Programmers).

    traditional prop traders, your time will be up just like the pit trader (obsolete).

    Traders boycott CME Eurodollar options

    Robot vs Human
  7. Nah, they'll just have to step back to a slightly higher time frame so the HFT doesn't affect them, all about adaptation in this game.

  8. during a period i worked at a prop firm about 50 traders walked through the doors. the prop shop in question both trained and funded all of the traders. the breakdown i would guess as about this:

    2 traders avg 800k+ / yr
    6 traders avg 350-600k / yr
    10 traders avg 150-350k / yr

    rest were all losers, but you also have to factor in that you have expenses and at prop shops that fund you there is profit sharing. 150k/yr is about the minimum you can make and still be getting paid anything reasonable.

    a lot of it has to do with who you are learning from, i8f you have a good training program it is much easier to become a long term winner than if it is sink-or-swim toss you in the deep end style.
  9. from what I've seen

    99th percentile = > $500,000/annually
    97th percentile = 250-500k annually
    95th percentile - 100-250k per year
    93rd percentile - 50k-100k
    90th percentile - 10-50k

    bottom 90% = losing money

    about 10% (or 1/10) are net profitable. from that, 1/2 are able to earn a 6 figure income trading.

    very interested to see the scale that Don would put out since he has a lot more experience and has seen a lot more go down in the industry.
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    idiot. you can't even think logically.

    if your own logic of 95% are losers is true, 95% of the programmers will be losers.

    then the statement should be:

    95% HFT traders will lose, they just lose.

    You need higher education, you can't even understand logic, you can't think reasonably. You need to get an MBA from a good private university, like University of Phoenix.
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