How much drawdown for this return?

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    Assume I have a strategy that is pretty consistent returning from 30-50% per annum with a more conservative estimate of at least 20% per annum on average, what kind of maximum drawdown are you prepared to accept to trade this system? And what kind of average drawdown (those that happen frequently) should I be prepared to accept for these kind of strategies?

    The purpose of this thread is to find out what sort of risk people are willing to take, given an expected return.
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  3. 20% per annum means ur basically only beating long term SP by about 1.5-2 standard deviations maximum.

    id be prepared to accept anything with drawdown no more than 1.5times the max drawdown of the SP500 assuming a buy/hold strategy over the period your backtesting.

    otherwise ur better off buying SP500 at 2:1 leverage and sleeping easier.

  4. I make 50% per annum as a Position Trader.

    The largest drawdown I've ever had was about 18%.

    Hope this helps.

    I will be happy to answer any more questions if you have any.


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    Your max drawdown is 18%. What about normal drawdowns? How big are them? For e.g, do you expect 1 or 2 drawdowns of 5% or 10% per year?

    I understand that you trade U.S shares. How many strategies and trades do you execute in a year?

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    2% is my max drawdown.
  7. This helps a lot.

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  9. The max drawdown should be the average monthly gain, no?
  10. Roughly and generally speaking drawdowns are about half of the annual rate of growth. So if you want 20 % gain, you might prepare to lose about 10 % sometimes.

    There is nothing preventing account equity from showing a 60 % loss at any time. The big losses can happen.
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