How much does the Pit contribute to the ES

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  1. In this day of electronic trading, I am curious to know what contribution the Pit makes to the total volume of the ES.
  2. 0 it is all electronic, none pit traded.:confused:
  3. There is a tremendous amount of ES volume that is generated by the pit. Go look for yourself, the pit is surrounded by traders on laptops scapling minis and trading strategies with partners in the pit arbing out orders.
  4. The $$ volume of the ES is about 5X that of the pit traded contract... the pit continues to lose significance.
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    Why don't people pay attention to the question asked. It's not how much more volume the ES trades over the full, it's how much the pit traders are trading in the ES.
  6. What difference would it make if an ES player were standing in the pit or sitting in front of a screen? How would "where someone stands" be of benefit of us or anyone?
  7. You've come to the wrong place, buddy.
  8. the pit watches ES and uses ES very, very much. it's an indicator, not necessarily a great indicator, but it's another piece of info.
  9. Can't see that info as valuable unless scalping/arbing some very short term discrepancy.
  10. OK, next question.

    Does it matter whether the trade originates from the pit or electronically.

    Is there anything to be gained from this knowledge.
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