How much does the deficit cost you just this year?

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  1. The 2011 deficit is expected to be 1.5 trillion. That comes out to $4,838 per person. This means that Obama and his minions basically are going to need $403 per month from you. Got a family of four? Then your share is $1,612 per month for your family. Remember...this is money that you WILL have to pay in future taxes. The bad news is that there is also interest adding up on that. I'm completely screwed. I have a family of 5 share is going to be $2,016 per month or just over $24,000 per year. Basically about half my income or almost twice what I pay for my mortgage.

    Is there anyone who really believes we are not going to collapse from this debt? I mean...this hole is just too big.
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    US PRESS: Interest payments on the national debt will quadruple in the
    next decade and every man, woman and child in the United States will be
    paying more than $2,500 a year to cover for the nation's past
    profligacy, according to figures in President Obama's new budget plan,
    the Washington Post reports. Starting in 2014, net interest payments
    will surpass the amount spent on education, transportation, energy and
    all other discretionary programs outside defense, the paper says.
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    Things are not hard to understand.
    Soviet Union spent itself into death.
    Money for Dark Empire came first till there was no more.

    United States is maintaining empire of 2 wars, 1 giant cold war, 500 and more military bases around the world.
    Mooony is running out boss.

    Moony is running out
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    You're assuming that at some point USA will need to pay it back.
    Which will most probably not be the case.

  5. Got a family of four? Then your share is $1,612 per month for your family.


    If you're a Fed worker with a family of four you're probably adding to the deficit because you'll end up with refund.

    If you derive your income from the Fed or state you'r part of the problem. :confused: