How much does life costs where you live?

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  1. I was thinking what good is it to make 100K when you have to pay 20K a year a child just to let him go to school.

    There are great differences in costs and salaries between countries but even between regions or cities!

    So in a way ones capital or income is very case by case bound really and I thought it would be interesting to post a few stats on how much things cost where you live.

    Maybe some more people could share some stats from where they live.

    I live in Belgium Europe, here it goes.

    Average monthly salary:2,300 US.

    2 bedroom apartment rent: 1K$

    Average house price: 250K$

    Big Mac Menu: 10 USD

    Volkswagen Golf: 24 K

    1 Galon of gas: 8.5 USD

    1.5 Liter bottle of Coke: 2 USD

    Healthcare a year: 400 USD

    Doctor visit: 8 USD

    Plummer visit: 80 USD

    School a year: 400 USD

    University: 800 USD
  2. you better move
  3. What numbers do you find overpriced, underpriced...
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    Healthcare a year: 400 USD?
    Wow, Here in NYC this would only pay for 2 weeks for one person

    University a year: 800 USD? Here that would buy 1 week's tuition
  5. Houston, Tx area

    Average yearly :$44,880

    2 bedroom apartment rent: 525- 1200 depending on the hood

    Average house price: No idea, used 60-80 a sq ft new 95-130 a sq ft

    Big Mac Menu: Who the hell eats big macs ? Costs me about $7 to eat at Chick fila

    Volkswagen Golf: No idea

    1 Gallon of gas: 3.11

    1.5 Liter bottle of Coke: Not sure but a 12 pack of dr pepper 10 runs about $4

    Healthcare a year: Insurance runs 400-600 a month for family of 3

    Doctor visit:$30 copay with insurance, no idea without

    Plumber visit: Charges $75 an hour

    School a year: public is free, private is about 10k a year

    University: public Juco runs about $1500 a semester, public 4 year $2500-4000 a semester. Private 10 to 20k a semester
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    Interesting thread, I'm going to research the numbers for my area later today.
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    I think you will generally find in Europe.....

    Overpriced consumption items (food, soft drinks, gasoline, electronics)

    Underpriced major services such as healthcare and higher education (one way another you pay for these though)

    Overpriced taxes (although the Dems in the US would love to see this change)

    Overpriced real estate (likely due to higher concentration of population, similar to the coasts in the US)
  8. Yeah, you know how much the new Iphone 4S costs here....

    1K USD...:p
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    Those numbers are quite low, healthcare at $400 a year, it cost $400 a month for 1 person in the US.

    2 bedroom rental for $1000 haha thats so cheap, here where I am a 1 bedroom goes for $1250, studios are about $850....I hope you were being sarcastic.
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    Canton, GA north of Atlanta

    Average monthly family income: $5410 US.

    median apartment rent: $817

    median house price: $170K US

    Big Mac Menu: I actually tried calling but no answers. Sandwich alone is around $5 meal around $6.50ish I think

    Volkswagen Golf: 18 K

    1 Galon of gas: 3.45 USD

    1.5 Liter bottle of Coke: 2 liter is more popular here I think $1.50ish

    Healthcare a year: I can find the numbers of those with insurance but not the average cost. My personal premiums are paid in full by my employer but that's the exception not the rule

    Doctor visit: 10 - 35 USD

    Plummer visit: free estimates are common

    School a year: public school is "free" as in paid for with property taxes

    University: My step daughter is attending N. GA but her tuition is paid for by the Hope scholarship, so I'm not sure
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