How much does it really matter?

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  1. What would be the affects if Bernanke is or isn't reappointed?
  2. i guess unless someone really radical i put in it would not matter.
  3. It depends on who you are. From a market point of view? It could affect the market negatively. From a political point of view however, it would mean that the terrible Fed would be kicked down a notch from the embarrassment, and that's certainly a good development.
  4. What !!!

    Ben has been training for this time his whole life, since his first little boy !

    Ever since his first bubble bath ... "Bubble Ben" has been the boy.
  5. No difference whatsoever. There was no difference between him and Greenspan either.
  6. I agree.

    Brendan P. Byrne
  7. Sis says she saw Warren Buffet on some TV show literally say he'd sell ALL of his stock if Ben weren't "re-hired", cuz that'd make the mkt tank for years.
    I have a better chance of winning the Lotto than any of the above happening.
  8. It depends on who the replacement is. If an inflation hawk like Volcker is sworn in, which I doubt, the market will take a beating for sure. But if you get another idiot who's just a lackey for the Wall Street fat cats, your guess is as good as mine where this market will end by the end of 2010.