how much does it cost to paper trade a DOM?

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  1. hi,

    i'm new to futures and i would like to paper trade the ES,YM & NQ for quite sometimes perhaps 3-6 months

    anyone knows any broker that allow paper trading?

    possibly a free demo with DOM as i'm more to a scalper type

    thanks alot :)
  2. Tums


    you are new, and you are a scalper type?
    which should I believe?
  3. im new to futures

    but not trading...
  4. Open Ecry.


    Note, none of these will let you do it for over 14 to 30 days without an account...

    Personally I Like Iepstein's platform. Very easy to papertrade on, etc... DOM is cool.... Very friendly.

    And very nice people over there...... Very competitive commish rates as well.

    Of COurse IB's Simul account (booktrader) with a funded regular account.
  5. NinjaTrader with Amp demo for as long as you want.

  6. With IB's papertrading account (the one you get with a funded acct.) the dom doesn't work very well once you've placed orders.
  7. Really.... Is this a persistant problem or an intermittant problem????
  8. it stated only 30day trial...on their website :confused:
  9. Exactly...
  10. When starting up the acct., the dom looks ok.
    But if I buy/sell, then enter exit orders, my orders are the only ones on the dom (on my exit side).
    Also, once my orders are entered there may be more than 5 levels on the dom, but the extra levels just contain my orders! So, I don't think the dom is accurate in the papertrading acct. Have never seen these problems in the funded acct.
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