How much does Greece contribute to the global economy?

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  1. Why is it affecting global stocks, Does Greece really matter that much in a global economic sense? Aint a weak euro good for EU exports?
  2. Greece is irrelevant. It's the EMU.
  3. Okay but so what, if the Euro goes to 89 against the dollars VS 1.297 today how is this bad for the global economy, aint a low euro good for exports? The euro has been overvalued for years anyhow, too many slack countries hitched their post to the euro.
  4. Excellent news for exporters.
  5. You don't quite get it, amico... Suppose I tell you that the US of A has broken up and each of the states has decided to go its own way? Do you think it's good or bad for the global economy?
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    A decade ago, people were very worried about Y2K bugs bringing computers down. The very first place to bring in the new year was some cheezy island nobody ever heard of before. It was watched with interest not because the island was (by itself) significant - any other day and the island could have sunk into the sea without notice for the rest of the planet - but because it was a test case for the future. It gave hints about what was to come for everybody else.

    That's why Greece is important and interesting. Not because it can cause chaos or harm, but because it is the canary in the coal mine.
  7. what's emu?
  8. Because sovergien default could be the next next "subprime". Not just in Europe, but also in the US.
  9. Economic and Monetary Union
  10. This is the reason. Good post.
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