How much does equity research reports cost from BB?!

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    Hi there,

    Could you tell me if there are some online brokers that provide equity research reports from large institutions??? (such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Sanford C Bernstein, or UBS)

    Otherwise, is that possible to subscribe to some website which give access to reports from respectable institutions at a moderable cost?? (I know plenty of small and independant reseach co but this is not what I'm looking for)

    Many thanks your answer.

  2. sf631


    Try Not cheap by any means (I'd guess a few hundred $$$s a month) but is a way to get all major sell side research in one place, all you can eat pricing.
  3. You're not gonna get anything unless you have permissions from the respective sell-side firms. I think you're probably looking at prob 50k/year in comissions for each bulge backet firm. And that doesn't get you any analysts on the phone either.

    Also I think something like theMarkets costs around 10 or 20k a year, but all they do is aggregate research that you have to be already entitled to access.

    This is my understanding of it, correct me if I am wrong. I am also interested if there is a cheaper way to get access to this research.
  4. Hi freddel,
    Did you get any broker who provides research report of leading financial institutions?
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    You can get some research from reuters;

    - Up to 180 downloadable documents per year (or 15 a month in average) => 382 EUR ht per month

    - Up to 300 downloadable documents per year (or 25 a month in average) => 620 EUR ht per month
  6. Hi,
    Can anyone say which data providers provide access to equity research reports of leading brokers at minimum cost?
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    Thomson IM had the following two plans when I looked in 2011.

    Plan 1 was 900/month and got you access to research in real time. The research provider had to give you access; howver they had a bunch of 3rd tier firms' research automatically on.

    Plan 2 was 1500/month and got you access to all the research (including the bulge brackets). But it was delayed by something like 7 days.

    This was only single stock research. Macro research, quant research, options research, commodities, rates, etc. were not included in either Plans.
  8. if that was true why would anyone use them and not instead pay the exact same amount for a bloomberg terminal which aggregates all (permissioned) research as well?

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    give jp morgan a call and tell them u are small trader (poor) looking to subscribed jp morgan's research news for less than $20 per month. Plus, u demand a "free" trial first.


    make sure u tell them u are a hero
  10. Wow I did not know something like Plan 2 was available. I'll have to take a look. Thanks for posting that.
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