how much does corruption cost a country?

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  1. As Brazil is going through massive riots, I am wondering how much does corruption costs in a country?

    main points -

    * building of the 2014 stadiums cost have risen so that taxpayers have now to fit the bill
    * Politicians giving themselves pay rises vs inflation rates
    * Politicians wasting money
    * corruption costing 40 billion / year

    * laws tor bar convicted individuals to seek political positions
    * Politicians being convicted
    * 'Ghost employees'
    * Public money diverted to private bank accounts

    This case is really about political corruption.
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    why? what is wrong with using last years figures unless you are looking for major changes?
  3. Now I wonder, does an increase in corruption signals coming economic crisis or does it follow economic crisis?
  4. Just for EU countries in the 2010/2011 report, the countries coming on top were by order: Portugal, Greece, Spain, all above 70%. and Germany... :confused:
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    maybe there a correlation between corruption and the religiosity of the population?

    maybe corruption is the result of growth of the government sector?
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    Corruption is a horrible negative influence on economies.

    Big government breeds more and more corruption until it is accepted as a routine part of life.

    I would say the US government is becoming more and more corrupt with each passing year.

    Our politicians serve themselves first and foremost and there are plenty of examples on both sides if the isle
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    Corruption can destroy rule of law. When that goes, confidence and trust is gone, and market economies cease to operate beyond hand to mouth, or paltry risk taking.
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    it is black markets and shortages. at current prices there is not enough beef in argentina to feed the middle class.

    Reasons vary for these doldrums. Beef prices have surged with inflation, but cattlemen contend that government price controls aimed at preventing domestic beef consumption from falling further have wreaked havoc by making it costly to maintain large herds. <>
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