How much does a prop shop make ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Joab, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Joab


    Other then exchange and other fees how much of my commish does a prop shop keep / make ?

    Where would be a good place to learn the internals of how shops work.

    btw, I trade remote so I've never even been to mine.
  2. Joab


    nobody knows ?


    Is there a conspiracy plot against those that speak out :D
  3. well..not sure about this..but I heard Montrreal Swift office made between $4- $5.5 millions in 05. SHhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I don't know how many traders they have there.....:D
  4. Joab


    So out of my .0075 cents I pay in commish they keep how much ?

    Who do they have to pay ?
  5. WHy do you care how much of the $0.0075 they keep. Your concern should be how much YOU are making trading net after commissions and fees are taken out.

    If my prop firm makes $0.01 or makes $1,000,000 it does not have anything to do with how I trade.

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    Maybe, I'm interested in opening one or maybe I'm interested in negotiating a better deal !
  7. Surdo


    If you are paying .0075 still, you are obviously a piker or did not do your homework!

    As the OP said, worry about what you are making in P & L, not what the house keeps.
  8. Joab



    They call this place elite trader ?

    It's a simple question folks ... don't any of you "elite" traders have the answer ?


    1 - If you're thinking of possibly opening an office one does their homework by calling the firm and finding out what fixed (base) costs there are, what variable costs are and then assesses the potential. And you do that perhaps a number of times until you find a scenario that may be worth your time or decide the opportunity isn't as potentially profitable as you hoped it to be. You don't gather this info by posing such a question on a trading thread.

    2 - If you're looking for a better rate you pick up the phone and call (or go in person to the office) and negotiate.
  10. jem


    It all depends of volume.
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