How much do you want to bet your taxes are paying to support this idiot.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Man loses life savings on a carnival game, comes out with a banana with dreadlocks on it. I love the quote from the guy "It;s not possible for it not to be rigged"

    Of course their rigged, their carnival games you fucking moron. :D

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  2. The sad part is he has better fiscal sense than frank, dodd, helicopter ben and krugman all put together.
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  4. Max E.

    Max E.

  5. ?...... That guy's tattoos roughly translate to mean ....." I am a douchebag". :eek: :p :D :) :cool:
  6. If that was a black guy, Obama would have a "beer summit" with him and the carnival owner.
  7. No, probably your neighbor
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    I don't think Buckwheat has enough life savings to win that banana. The guy in the OP had saved up a whole $2,300. That's enough to retire on for our third shift enema nurse but he's still working.

    It's going to take another lifetime before he can run his $1 account up to $2,300. :D
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    I haven't noticed any dreadlocks in my subdivision. Of course I'd be living in one sorry neighbor HOOD if I did.
  10. Says the grampa who is going on his eleventh year on a trading site but still cannot trade.:D
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