How much do you REALLY make trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thunderbolt, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Let us all be honest about trading.

  2. oh no the chat room junkie is baaaaack! :p
  3. I suspect that the unprofitable traders won't vote. Just a hunch.

  4. Hey,

    It puts cash in my pockets. So don't knock it!

  5. uhhh it's an ANONYMOUS vote so why would they care? lol
  6. Anger, hostility, frustration, aggravation, spite, jealousy....need I post more?

    BOLT to PUSSY!:confused:
  7. Hey man,

    You obviously have no shame in you game. More power to ya. How many trades do you make a day? Trading account size?

  8. I was wrong, the unprofitable boys are comin' out.
  9. Sweet! You got it going on, dude. I would hate to file your taxes, though.

  10. This cat is makin' $60K a month! Ain't no guru got anything on you.

    BOLT :cool:
    #10     Mar 12, 2003