How much do you pay in commission for ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jbob, Apr 13, 2007.

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    How much do you pay in commission to trade the ES? I'm hoping to negotiate a lower price. It seems like a rip off to pay $2.50 per side. What's the best rate that non-exchange members can hope to pay. Thanks.
  2. You can easily get under 4 bucks depending on the volume or just finding an aggressive broker.
  3. $2 per side here.
  4. I won't recommed a broker but here in no particualr order are some published rates or similar(for ES in particular where available per the OP post) from various brokers. Use this as a starting point for negotiations. Reminder: your choice of platform may add additional fees. Platform fees may be negotiable as well. Negotiations are more dependent on volume than account size.

    Something else to keep in mind... larger brokers with published rates are less likely, if at all, to negotiate. IBs for larger brokers are usually a wise alternative in such cases.
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    I think the more pertinent question is:
    How much do you pay without requirements for volume or account size?

    I pay $4.82/RT in one such account.
    I pay $4.50/RT in another such account.
  6. If you are not trading any size, then yes, this is a more pertinent question.

    If trading size however, the per trade rates can be highly negotiated lower.
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    iepstein told me, if you get $4 all-in, keep it :D