How much do you know about Paulson?

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  1. did you know that Paulson who is a Christian Scientist will gain tremendous powers as the result of the US bank bailout coming next year? What do you know about "Christian Science"?
    Since a persons belief system is a great deal to tell about the trustwordiness of that person here are some factoids on Paulson
    1) He never smoked or drunk alcohol, EVER, in his life...
    2) He loves snakes and collects live ones
    3) He is a devout Christian Scientist
    4) Star athete in his youth (football I think)

    Anyway, while I am not a Christian Scientist I have a great admiration for them and their history. Anyway, I just wanted to start a thread on them and see if they are any CS here amongs us? Please if you have something to chime in, DO IT!
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    fucking christians.....(i am one of them... )
  3. Kap


    he sounds like he's been smokeng 40/day, of the marlboro red variety :-o
  4. I don't know that but he was a star athlete in his youth too....
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    :D :D :D
  6. no matter what congress will do he will have a lot of power in the next couple of years. Immense - 0.7-1 trillion green smackers(borrowed or printed)....
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    u don't get to become the head of GS without a high level of cunning, political skills and ambitions, God help us all
  8. No disagreement there. FYI, I am greatly sceptical of the bailout and I would let the whole system rot and start afresh, politicians however cannot afford to do that. Without the bailout we would have had a mini fiscal crash and some Gov. intervention would have been neccessary anyways but making someone a fiscal king like this warrants some serious look at who the fucker really is, hence this thread.....
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