How much do you keep at your FX broker ?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by Kicking, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. In dollar terms or percentage of your liquid assets ?
    Apparently some folks keep a 6 digit account, why ?
    Aren't you worried about safety of funds ?
    I guess another way to ask that question would be to ask what leverage you use and what kind of positions you take.
  2. cstfx


    It depends on which broker you do your fx trading with. I use IB.
  3. Or, another way to ask it, is the total loss of a 6 digit account with a forex broker such a big deal for these people that they wouldn't risk it until such time that they can triple the account, withdraw double their initial investment, and keep the 6 digit account to play with?

    Or, yet another way to ask it, how much the 6 digit account yielded so far? Has the account been built through the years while taking comparable amounts of withdrawals?

    Perspective. And, of course, due diligence.
  4. come on I know there are some "big" FX traders on here.
    What kind of positions do you take in this market with which time frame?
    100K-500K, 1 M,10 M ?
  5. sakhter


    Depends on account balance.

    I'll trade 1 mini per $1,000/equity, regardless of time-frame.

    Usually enter on the 5-minute time frame. M30 & H1 confirmation.


    We keep 6-fig digits on our brokers because we aren't courageous as traders who trade standard lots with a $1,000 account balance. ;)

    My personal preference is 1 standard-lot per $25,000 equity..