How much % do you get?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kemot, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. kemot


    Hi guys,

    Could you tell me how much % of PNL do you get in your prop trading firm?
  2. bigpapi


    I can guarantee you that the L will always be 100%, the P depends on a bunch of factors, there are a couple of good posts about props, look around
  3. kemot


    I know that. But I would like to see the diference in % between American and European prop firms.

    Here it's between 30-40%. I heard that in Canada is rather 50-60%?
  4. It really all depends on the firm and what they are paying in fees. Some prop firms will pay out 100% but charge a ton in fees when others will payout 50-60% but have less to pay in fees. So really it all depends

  5. very true. some firms offer an office with training but have a payout structure while some firms are 100% payout remote and no resources at all. It all really depends on the shop and its a good thing that each shop offers different models.
  6. l2tradr


    That's simply not true of all firms. Firms with no deposit exist, both in the US and Canada.
  7. ScottSam


    At least 65-70.
  8. 70% with a deposit yes, with no deposit only if you have a very good track record would you get 65-70%
  9. kemot


    what does it mean for you "very good track record"?
    5k month?
    10k month?
  10. ScottSam


    I'd say it's mostly about consistency.

    A consistent 6-7k with very little drawdown could be attractive for some firms.
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