How much do traders earn?

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    bottom line, they seem to have a good trading program, from the posts that I've read here. As I see it, if one really loves trading and would like to trade for themselves someday, to get paid to learn and to have no money at risk with the potential to make a lucrative amount in return seems like a fair deal. better deal than many other firms.

    If someone loves trading then no other job will compare :D
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  4. Scholastic Education has nothing to do with trading.

    I'm a high school drop out, GED grad, and college drop out. Still, I make money. Suggestion for you friend is forget about all the things she learned in school. Leave behind all the ego associated with graduating from a good school and keep an open eye.

    Be humble and try hard.

    Don't expect to be taught. Learn on you own. Watch and learn.

    Respect risk and opportunity.

    Learn to differenciate between right and wrong in your own terms. Knowing this helps you find your style faster.

    From the above. Keep it flexible and change it from within but be firm from towards the outside.

    Good luck to her and maybe you...
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    That is exactly like me
    I'm almost 25 too
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  6. hey, we ought to start a club. i'll head up the senior's division.
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