How much do the unvaccinated cost us?

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    New analysis estimates $5.7 billion price tag for treating unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in the last 3 months

    A new analysis published Tuesday estimates that preventable costs for treating hospitalized, unvaccinated Covid-19 patients reached $5.7 billion over the last three months.

    This most recent data takes into account the surge in hospitalizations seen in August, which study authors estimate accounted for $3.7 billion of preventable spending alone.

    The data analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation found, using data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as studies on health care costs, that each preventable Covid-19 hospitalization costs about $20,000.

    According to KFF's analysis of data from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US saw 287,000 preventable Covid-19 hospitalizations from June to August.

    The study authors used "preventable" hospitalizations to refer to hospitalizations of unvaccinated adults for Covid-19 treatment primarily, while accounting for any post-vaccination infections that would have been expected if this population had been vaccinated.

    These numbers together yield a total of $5.7 billion spent on preventable hospitalizations over three months. The study authors said this number is likely a conservative estimate of costs.

    "This ballpark figure is likely an understatement of the cost burden from preventable treatment of Covid-19 among unvaccinated adults," the authors said.

    The study did not account for outpatient care costs, and some data indicates inpatient health care costs for Covid-19 treatment may be higher than the $20,000 figure used.

    "Additionally, although breakthrough infections and hospitalizations are rare, unvaccinated people are also more likely to spread the virus to those who have taken measures to protect themselves and others, and those costs are not included in these estimates," the authors wrote.
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    Lies, damn lies, and statistics.
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  3. Being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't get the virus or spread it. Or Die.
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    Here's the Covid hospital cost stay here in Canada but I can't find my other image of the cost comparisons between a Covid Hospitalized Vaccinated person versus a Covid Hospitalized Not Vaccinated person that was calculated by Hospitals.

    I think it was a 7k difference in favor of those Not Vaccinated needing more hospital care because their cases were more severe.


    The strange aspect if comparing the costs of 2021 versus 2020...the costs were almost double in 2020 for both groups and I think because hospitals were struggling more with the treatment of those with Covid whereas they're more efficient in 2021 in their medical care of Covid patients.

    Yet, as your article implied...the shown costs are much lower or underestimate because some patients have rehab and outpatient care costs. If you're lucky, you may have disability insurance if you're unable to return back to work.

    Regardless, it is a great financial strain. Whatever the definitely is not FREE.

    Note: Canada has social medicine. Thus, if you have a health will not be billed a penny for your hospital Covid care but you can still get a cost bill (if you request it) of your medical care.

    Yet, let us say you survive a coma and you/your family request a private room if one is available instead of you sharing a room with another do have to pay out of pocket for the private room or your insurance pays for the private room if you have private healthcare.

    Point being made, its much cheaper to care for a fully vaccinated that is hospitalized from a breakthrough infection versus a not vaccinated person that's hospitalized...the latter more expensive because they tend to have more medical care because their illnesses are more severe.

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    Sorry, had to laugh.

    Any idea why covid costs so much?
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    The only reason a room costs that much, is because they charge that much. It's that simple. Anyone here ever rented a room, or been a landlord?
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    If you don't like can always call the medical insurance people because they got the costs down to a fine science although I agree that it's too damn expensive.

    The costs I posted was for a 15 day stay. Nothing to laugh about that especially if you have additional medical care (rehab) after being released from a hospital.

    I have a friend that works for Videotron. He had Covid this past November...coma for 25 days.

    I don't know what his medical costs were but he's still in a wheelchair (still has rehab) and trying to get disability from the government until he can return back to work. His wife is still on leave of absence to help care for him.

    I do know there must be a financial problem because their 3 kids switched from private school to public school. Although not a fair question in hindsight, I did ask him if vaccines were available would he had gotten vaccinated...

    He said YES because they have children and he would need to protect himself because he would NOT have had his kids vaccinated if there were a vaccine available for kids (they are teenagers).

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    Somebody will need to be alive to continue the human species just in case there is something funny in those vaccines. You can't put a dollar figure on that.
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    I remember when my kids were born many years ago...I requested a private room for my spouse after she gave birth. Private room cost I think like $75 dollars per night in the hospital.

    I do not know what is the Covid costs for a private room if that is even possible but I do know it's not $75 per night. :rolleyes:

    I can imagine the scene now...a man is in a Covid coma and on life support...his wife debating with the front desk and requesting a private room. That scene is not going to happen with many hospitals' shortage of beds and medical staff. :D

    Excuse me, Nurse...can we get a private ICU room with a TV so that I can watch TV while my husband is on life support from his severe Covid illness ?

    Nurse responds - How in the hell did you get in here. Didn't you see the "Do Not Enter - Covid Death" sign on the door ?


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    Ahh. So after your babies were born, you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express that night.

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