How much did you lose this week?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by midlifeguy, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Seriously, I want to know the truth...I am sure everyone here is short and made a bundle but I am looking for the truth.
  2. Lost about 1k this week. Option loss was about 5k but made about 4k trading. Not a good week for me.

    2k of the losses happened in the last 30 minutes of Friday :mad:
  3. pretty similar... same thing end of Fri. i bought that pre end of day recovery selloff around 1480 in some july 31 1490 options.

    hoping to be above 1500 by Monday. :)

    we'll see.
  4. I'm at a loss at how Monday would be but I think I'll start fresh on Monday and unwind most of my options when the market opens up.

    I bought Yen futures around 4:00pm to hedge what may happen on Monday if things got worse. I got a feeling USDJPY will open at <118 Sunday evening.
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    Same as above posters. I don't normally trade intraday, but the volatility has presented oppoturnites too great to pass up. Just paying the drawdown though.
  6. Cramer went on a rant about the trading Friday. Says the uptick rule was misdirected, and that the futures guys working w/o Specialists destroyed the tape.

    See, he's against manipulation when it hurts him. Everything else is go.

    That's probably what smoked you. You couldn' t see it coming, such a reversal.
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    Sounds like he needs a waah-burger, and maybe some french cries. Be careful telling people if you're making money during this correction, a lot of people are looking for someone to blame.
  8. i lost 50 bucks this week but I feel emotionally devastated after not having a down week in a really long time.......i was way to addicted to the action on friday........way too many RTs.......this market is like crack.......way too many opportunities to make and lose a lot of money real fast.
  9. I lost opportunity but no cash. I'd been taking cash positions for the past several weeks since I really don't have the skill, time or patience to trade this market.
  10. i should clarify to me:
    losing week = i blew up
    losing month = thoughts of suicide

    seriously, you're not a top trader if you have losing weeks and losing months......think about many opportunities to make money every week and after all that trading and if the net result is negative then that's a blowup.........if i have a losing month then i'll probably need some medication......thankfully this month is still one of my best despite this horrible week.
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