How much did RiskArb blowout in his old fund?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deringer, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Dude seems to have a giant chip on his shoulder everytime he posts. Why is he so insecure about himself? How much money did he blow out anyway?
  2. just21


    Why did he get banned from et?
  3. Guys, stop it. Riskarb was and still is one of the major contributors to this forum. A lot of newbies should tip their hats and be grateful for his postings!
  4. Hmmm it seems the mention of p_n_s in chit chat gets posts deleted lol. I hope all those other curse words are being deleted as well in chit chat :D
  5. I think there need to be a new Forum in the community lounge called...GOSSIP....
  6. peanuts envy:confused:
  7. Many posters should look in the mirror and decide if they are willing to learn from others or just post sour grapes all the time.

    To envy is every persons choice. Some feel uncomfortable toward others that are superior in an area of expertise that proved failure for self.

    Others, look and feel envy as motivation to improve and enhance upon performance.

    I jump on some subjects and might sound very critical, but truth be known, numb-nuts drive me up a wall. How can some people ever think they can win in a game of probability and have such closed minds is beyond me.

    Look in the mirror and decide which side of the tracks you are on. Make up your mind, the train is coming real fast.

    Worry about your own shortcomings, improve upon them, listen too those that are giving you advice. Even the best traders lose a lot.......the difference for them is quite simple. IT is part of the game. Quit complaining and either grow up or do not worry about the train bearing down upon yourself.............BYE, BYE......late night tonight gotta watch real men race real machines in Forumla1 on speed tonight about midnight. ...:)
  8. I am in this for one reason and that is to make a profit. If it means to let other better traders than I trade my money then so be it...

    riskarb would be one of those traders...

    this is not a show of friendship...this is just the facts...
  9. He sounded like an upstairs trader to me. I wonder if his compliance dept. caught wind of his posts?
  10. yes, he trades in da 'soffitta' of his house in tahoe.

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