how much degree does our markets affect yours

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    hello ,guys ,im a chinese commodity trader,i found the globle fanancial markets have more and more relation in recent years.
    when i was trading ,you guys were sleeping ,so do you .
    every morning ,we'd check out the LME and US markets ,that's an very important data which can reflect our opening price. but in these days ,i found that our market will lead your opening price,so i wanna know ,how much extent our markets affect yours. will you guys pay attention on our markets?and how much,thanx.
  2. The SP500 index follows the Shanghai index change about 46 % (1098 out of 2381 daily data elements) of the time.

    I am comparing about 9 years daily adjusted closing index values for GSPC (Standard And Poors 500 index) and Shanghai SSE composite index.
  3. Isn't it the other way around? I always thought that Asia followed the U.S. markets.
  4. This is what I am doing:

    If the Shanghai SSE index adjusted closing value 23 June 2009 > Shanghai SSE index adjusted closing value 22 June 2009

    then is the SP500 index adjusted closing value 24 June 2009 > SP500 index adjusted closing value 23 June 2009 ?

    It is not enough just to observe a greater opening value. The rally must continue long enough to make a profit. That's why I stagger the dates.
  5. say, is demand for copper in China growing?

    i bought some august at-the-money puts on freeport-mcmoran (for no particular reason - just too much coffee in the morning). FCX is affected by global copper demand, and china is a huge consumer

    i mean any actual signs of increasing copper demand? some real-life evidence, maybe? i don't trust wall street analysts