How much data does day trading use at maximum?

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    Hello, I recently moved to more rural area, and the only Wireless internet I have access To is DSL from CenturyLink. They are by far the worst providers I’ve ever used. My solution to this was to use a mobile hotspot, like a nighthawk or a jetpack. These devices have an allowance though for how much data I can use per month.

    If I am using this for trading every day with multiple monitors (4 to be precise) what kind of data would I be consuming? I will likely be running for at least 8 hours a day, and will only use this WiFi for trading. Thank you to anyone who can provide me with some insights
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    you can get a vps and run everything on that. then no issues with data
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    Hmm. I’ve never heard of a vps before. How would this help with internet/data? I’m having trouble understanding it through online searches.
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    a vps is virtual private server "cloud". amazon, google, ibm , ... all offer them with any os with reliable uptime. you get a vps, windows for simplicity, you remote desktop into it and run everything on it. The computer you're sitting in front of is more like a dumb terminal; only used for connecting to vps
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    You might get by on 250-500mb a day. 1gig to be safe. Really depends on the software you're using and your data streaming package.
    Also installing a download/upload traffic meter will be a must.

    Typical problems would be some other software that doesn't realize you're on a limited internet. Like your Windows/MacOS updates will start downloading 3Gb in a background. Or other apps. There are settings for all of that but having an app that can give you an alert in real time is really helpful to catch that.

    What others mentioned is another option. Basically you pay for a "remote" / virtual computer and run all your software there. Benefits are - you can keep everything actually running more or less regardless of your internet. But if you have a bad connection you just won't see that remote screen. It's especially valuable if you run some sort of automation. With manual day-trading, streaming graphics for the remote desktop might actually use more data than running those apps locally.

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  6. DevBru


    Trading uses very little data, the most important aspect is your latency to the trading server.

    Do a ping and speed test to the broker and or exchange servers and post results here.
  7. wartrace


    I use a data MVNO that runs off either AT&T or T-mobile. (I use the AT&T version). It is unlimited 4G. I've used 70 gb in a month with no problems although excessive use will get your account terminated. I do not know what the trigger is.

    Although it is overkill I have a backup Verizon wireless modem 10gb plan I run through my cradlepoint router as a failsafe.

    In addition I use a VPS in Chicago in case I lose all my internet. It sucks but I wouldn't trade my rural life for urban/suburban living just to save a few bucks on internet. Dynami = 100 bucks/mo, Verizon 60 bucks, VPS 80 dollars. Total of 240 per month for all.
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