how much could you make in 1 year from £60k($100,000)??

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  1. dvldvl2


    how much could you make in 1 year from £60k($100,000)initial starting trading funds.

    Uk based, if you are using an arcade in london, on the independant trading floor with options/futures/derivitives etc.

    assuming you are an average trader, nothing special, and no too many screw ups.

    any estimation of what you would have earned in a year ??

  2. bitrend


    You know, the answer to that question is you could make huge money with currency trading due to high leverage and volatility. Let says 50K, 1M, 10M and so on. But unfortunately that's not the right answer. It could be how much can I lose for tuition fee, from the initial start of 100K, to become a consistently successful trader.
  3. The question should be how much are you willing to lose before you stop and re-examine your choice of career.
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    As an average trader , I bet you'll make near 0% less trading costs (spread, fees and so on...) , but this is only pure speculation :D
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    ok, perhaps i should have said as a good trader, being taught by others who are successful and if everything went well ...

    so in the above case, what would the outcome be?
  6. "Don't focus on making money; focus on protecting what you have." - Paul Tudor Jones :)
  7. dvldvl2


    ok this is getting nowhere.

    it might be easier to ask, if some of you experienced guys had 100k. what do you realistically think YOU could make on options/derivatives/futures within a year ??
  8. I can make around 20% no problems

    One issues becomes position size
    when you have capital, how much do you put in each position

    to make the 20%

    You can put only 25% of your capital
    and make 10%
    but overall that is only 2.5%
    Need 10 trades to make the year.

    Or you can put 100% of your capital
    and make 10%

    Two trades make the year.

    ---------- no leverage btw.
  9. Ahhh... when traders think about the $$$ before thinking about the risks. Recipe for disaster.

    Good luck.
  10. dvldvl2


    no i wouldnt say its a recipe for disaster. not at all.

    more like if its only possible to make x amount from a 100k investment then there is no point.

    but if it is possible to double your money or more by trading every day then there may be a reason to start.
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