How much commission you willing to pay for 5% per day

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  1. Market study.
    Just curious,
    How much commission or profit you willing to pay if somebody or something will generate 5% of return per day?
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    1 trillion dollars
  3. Thanks,

    what about 50% of profit is it ok?
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    Well, how much money do you need to start? Can you do 5% on a million per day? Or $10,000? Compounded or simple interest? Don't have my calculator in front of me, but I think in 1 year a $10,000 account compounded daily on a 5% return per day, even taking out say 50% of the profit to pay, would be an astronomical number. Show me some account statements and let the account stay in my control or I trade the signals and send payment and I'd pay out 50% for that kind of a return.
  5. Sounds professionally...

    Go to and read about it.

    Please, let me know your opinion.
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    You can read about them in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.
  7. Half, but what is the drawdown that I must tolerate?

    Did you see this?

  8. LOL. Sure, why not? Starting with a mere $1 Million of easily borrowed capital and ignoring those pesky taxes, 5% daily return, allowed to compound for a bit more than a year (284 trading days), will turn that OPM million into slightly over $1 Trillion (~$1,041,743,827,000). On day 285 one can finally breathe a sigh of relief and hit the beach.

    Now, excuse me while I go back to studying my limited edition of Larry Williams' Inner Circle Workshop...
  9. I am reading Tharpes.."Save your Way to Financial Freedom'

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