How much can you make in a month

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    Hello i have a couple of questions the first one is how much can an average joe make on the FX market per month in %.And the second one has anyone bought Hector Deville FX trading system how much is he up.
    And i saw that its rating its only 4.6 on forex peace army.Wich systems are a 5 can you give me an example .

    Thank you
    And yes i know its hard to say how much each trader will make or lose i`m intrested in the average.
  2. Average joes lose money trading.
    Your question is like asking how much can the average person going to the casinos make every month.
    Yes, there are some professional gamblers out there that make up 1 out of 100 people (?).
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    At a conference I spoke to an FX dealer. He told me 90% of FX retail account that start with $10K or less either lose their money in 6 months or give up. Asking for an average is to going to help you. Without proper training and an edge, the math and the leverage will get you.

  4. 1 out of 100 is referring to people who try to beat the casinos through card counting. Of course, there is no edge in roulette or slot machines, thus no pro gamblers here.
  5. Yo can make money from forex trading as per your investment and trading abilities . If you had a good control on your emotions and skill to manage your amount you can get sufficient amount as profit. An average careful trader can make 10% to 20% monthly return.
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    =150% per annum compounded? What are you trying to sell here?
  7. Generally, the smaller the time frame, the more opportunities you may have to exploit your edge. The best day trader will have a better % return on a small fixed capital based than the best swing (days) trader, who will have a better consistent % return on a small fixed capital base than the best longer term trader on a weekly time frame.

    So, someone like Marty Schwartz, among the best of the best day traders can indeed make 10 to 20% monthly, but limited by liquidity constraints.

    The notion that the "average trader can make 10 to 20% monthly return" is laughable :D :D :D. Sure, and the E Trade baby can really trade.