How much can you bench?

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  1. Yeah I got back into lifting after doing little to none since college (six years ago). It's hard starting over again, but I have noticed that I never did get as weak as I was when I first started out, and I have regained my strength quickly.

    My goal is to add size.

    5'11 - 165 lbs. one rep max about 215.

    How do you stack up?
  2. i could lift 120 kg when i was 15. i don't know what that is in pounds. i weighed 60 kg and i am 5 ft 8 in.

    i don't know what i can lift now.

    if you want size do chin ups and pull ups. i am doing them at the moment. they are better because the strength is transferable. also they are better balanced. you can get a chin up bar called iron gym for about 15 pounds.

    if you want size this is best upper body.
  3. you can lift 97 kg i am stronger than you. ha ha.
  4. Lucrum


    I don't lift anymore but a number of years ago when I did I weighed 200 lbs and did the following:

    Decline bench: 5 reps 295 lbs
    Level bench : 5 - 8 reps 275 lbs
    Incline bench : 5 - 8 reps 225 lbs
    Level bench dumb bell press 100 lb dumb bells

    Dumb bell fly 85 lb dumb bells (I eventually hurt my shoulder doing these)

    Free weight squats 5 - 6 reps 360 lbs
    Dead lifts 6 - 8 reps 405 lbs
    I don't remember exactly what I was up to on a leg press machine, but it was well over 400 lbs

    Curls 6 - 8 reps 90 lbs + whatever the smaller bar weighed
  5. I have a chin-up bar in the back yard. When the weather warms up I have a tradition of doing my daily routine sporting only the newest speedo and Rayban Wayfarers. I always start at 3:30 pm, half an hour before Oprah. This is designed to attract the most neighbor ladies who gather on the other side of the fence to watch the show.

    Rennick Fabio out :cool:
  6. what a post. i am not sure what to make of it.
  7. GG1972


    I was never a big bench press fan--never could find a reliable spotter. But i did dumbell--flys, raise etc --6'0 height about 180 lbs max bench press with spotter in 150 lbs range--pretty weak I know. I could curl 45 lbs dumbells each side easily-still do but for some reason I dont have the arms to show for it. Some of you might laugh but in the gym when I pick those dumbells up and looking at my body frame most people give a second look.

    As for recovering your strength after 6 years of absence I think its programmed into your mind and body how to get there quick plus you know you can do it.

    Very impressive Lucrum - played any sports?
  8. Do we have a don't ask-don't tell policy on ET?, because this might get a little weird.....
  9. Another typical day in the weight room.

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  10. r-in


    I haven't tried to max out in years. About 10 years ago I was trying to see how much I could lift and eventually lost it putting it back on the holders. Thought for sure I had broken ribs, and wife thought I had killed myself, as I let out quite the yell as it came down. Didn't break anything, but had a real nice black and blue mark from the bar. Now I do varying routines of a bunch of different lifts, pullups, and pushups. The lifts I'll vary between heavy weight, 3 sets of 6-8 reps, to lighter weight and as many reps as I can kick out while maintaining perfect form and slow motion.
    My legs mystify me as I can do squat reps using 300-400 lbs., and leg curls, and extensions, but they are still skinny stick legs. I get some good crap when I put on the shorts.
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