How much can u make from a $2000 account in forex

Discussion in 'Forex' started by pbw, Nov 2, 2006.

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    I have this experienced forex trader whom I am taking his course and he says that you should not put more than $2000 in your forex account -- because forex is still unregulated.

    With $2000 you can control two lots -100 to 1 leverage = $200,000.

    He says with two lots you can make 5 to ten pips a day on average for most days excepts weekends.

    $50 to $100 per day on a $2000 account seems unrealistic to me.

    Any opinions from expereinced forex traders appreciated.
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    h0w is that unrealistic? its super easy. 5 pips a day is nothing. and 1 lot = 50$
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    with 1000$ starting and 3 pips a day and reade it for a yr its like 50,000$ .
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    With great rewards come great risks. Yes you might be able to pull out 10% a day or get lucky with a nice move and pull out 50%.... or a bad move that takes your cap from 2,000 down to 1,000 and just a few blinks of the eye. If that doesn't bother you and sounds good, then go for it, if it scares the hell out of you, then try something different.
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  6. Maybe you should ditch that low-producer guy ASAP and look for someone who is not afraid of leverage and doesn't slack off on weekends.

    Seriously? Manage to produce 0.5-1% average daily net P&L over time -- say, 200-400 pips monthly at 5:1 leverage, or 214%-792% a year, with monthly compounding -- and you'll easily be in the top 1% of all traders, forex or otherwise.

    $50 to $100 a day on $2,000 is about 50% to 100% a month, uncompounded. Good to see that trader still makes the time to give something back and teach.
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    0.5% per day has been my goal for sometime as well. I'm currently at 0.3619% per day and continue to try and improve. But honestly even at this rate I find myself doing rather well for myself.
  8. IB offers intraday margins on CAD contract equivalent to about 150:1 -- probably one of THE best ways if not the best market to blow out with.

    That is the point of this thread, right?
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    Why not 400:1 cable position!?
  10. pbw, like Electric kinda says, where does a trader start to answer this question? I'm not going to touch upon the $2k account and regulation part because there's a BIG issue here and it's trading for a real profit with safety.

    If I made 20 pips a day per lot I'd be pissed off with that level of performance. 5-10 pips for 2 lots, ie 2.5-5 pips/day is pretty much breakeven trading. What I mean is you have virtually no margin for error. If that's your goal I'd expect a wipeout pretty soon - you need to raise your game.

    As for what's realistic? That depends on your skill level so your P&L will answer that. Realsitic for you I'd guess is wipeout. To avert disaster, from what you have mentioned so far, I'd suggest you get a better guide to trading Forex.
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