how much bandwidth do i really need

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    how much do i really need. how to measure the current consumed bandwidth
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    For what? If you mean for real-time data then speed wise any low end ADSL package will do. To measure how much you are using google "DUMeter".
  4. I traded for years on dialup. I see no difference in trade execution vs. 16Mps broadband.
  5. 250k is plenty
  6. If you ask the experts there is no difference. I am like you I traded on dial up just fine. Now I have 18M and there is really no difference in execution. The only difference I see is in downloading.
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    if you scalping it could make a difference I'd say.

    what's the ping to your broker/trading firm like on dialup? I'd imagine broadband connections would have a much lower latency... 1/10 of a second(100ms) can make a difference if your scalping.

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    the connection from you to your ISP is not the problem. thats the shortest part of the line :)) (2 - 5 miles maby?)
    the ping result is not different dial up or DSL. important is that your ISP has a good routing to your broker!! then the ping is low.
  9. there's a 20-fold difference in latency between dsl and dialup (5ms versus 100-125ms to your isp server). however, unless you're doing automated trading you won't notice the difference. to the human eye and brain, there's no difference between 5ms and 100ms
  10. Here's what my life is like.... Wifey would correct me on this if I'd said it.

    The eye and brain CAN detect the difference between 5ms and 100ms. Cinematic film is run at 24fps... that's a bit more than 40ms/frame... and is the slowest speed such that the eye/brain perceives continuous motion.

    Now, don't you feel better? :D
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